Here at NoxSudor we are pioneering a new approach to hot flushes and nightsweats, the most problematic symptom of menopausal women worldwide. We have developed a novel patented formulation of electrolytes & wax, taken daily as an oral capsule.

The capsules have been proven to create a detectable electrical field when in solution, and shown to be safe in an 18-week independently conducted clinical safety trial. In other tests, 80% of users reported significant reduction in hot flashes and night sweats. Other results often reported include: reduced skin dryness, itching, and improvements in skin conditions (including rosacea, adult acne, and severe psoriasis).

Every woman goes through menopause in her lifetime and most suffer from hot flushes and nightsweats for many years, sometimes more than 15 years. NoxSudor is excited to offer these women a hormone and side-effect free solution, helping them to continue life comfortably.


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What customers say


The bed was soaked every night and I could never sleep properly. I tried a number of herbs and supplements other people had used but nothing worked. I became really miserable.
My husband recommended trying these capsules. I did not have to wait a month. After the first week all the flushing and sweating had stopped, and I did not get the headaches or period pains either. It did seem like a miracle and I did not think it would last. I have to take one every day and the odd time I have forgotten the flushes and sweats come right back. So far so good.


I noticed after a few weeks (I think 2-3 weeks) of taking the capsules that the number, length and intensity of my menopausal hot flushes and episodes of night sweating had reduced dramatically. I tried stopping for a while to see if the hot flushes and sweating themselves had stopped. Within 2-3 weeks the hot flushes and sweating came back and somewhere between 1-2 months of stopping they were similar in frequency, length and intensity as before I started to use the capsules. Happily back on.


My lower back was going, I was frozen for 2 or 3 days. I was getting the shakes, foggy brain, breathlessness, and giddiness. I couldn’t have hormone replacement therapy as I had previously had endometriosis, and I didn’t want anti-depressants. Since taking the capsules it is now over six months with flushes only happening very rarely and not causing me any particular problems.


I have treatable but incurable prostate cancer. I have been on Zoladex (hormone deprivation therapy) since 2010, suffering from night sweats and hot flashes as a result. My wife began taking the capsules and had remarkable results, experiencing dramatic improvement in her severe night sweats – she’d been changing her nightwear several times a night. So, I decided to give it a try. I have been virtually free of night sweats and hot flashes from a few days after I began taking it. This has dramatically improved my quality of life both physically and psychologically.


I am a cancer survivor of many years. About 8 years ago I began experiencing severe night sweating which would last about a week at a time. The sweating was so severe that I would have to change t-shirts 3-4 times a night; the sheets would be soaking wet. This occurred every 3-4 weeks. I started taking these capsules immediately as soon as I heard about them and the severe night sweats ceased within a month. Within two months, they had ceased completely. About a year ago I didn’t take the capsules for a month and the night sweats returned. I resumed taking them and within a week the night sweats stopped again and have not returned.

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